Tech burnout is on the rise

Tired man being overloaded at work. Too many work.

Many people appear to be burning out on their connected lifestyles. According to a recent consumer assessment conducted by Iceology, nearly 65% of adults stated that they are experiencing some level of tech burnout. With the pandemic subsiding, over half of these consumers stated that they are beginning to shift more of their daily activities offline. The activity they miss the most is interacting with other people in a physical and social setting.  

Of course, this does not mean that consumers are abandoning their connected lifestyles. It does mean, however, that consumers are beginning to seek a better balance between their connected and non-connected worlds. As the world moves forward, consumers will be more discerning on which channel provides them with the most benefit not only from a cost and value standpoint, but from a social and experience one as well. 

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