First the 15 minute city, now the 24/7 suburb

Major cities around the world are increasingly embracing the idea of the 15-minute city as a potential magic bullet to make their cities more livable, sustainable, and less congested. The idea is that all essential services, grocery stores to medical facilities, are within a 15-minute walk or bike-ride from a resident’s home.  

A similar concept is now brewing in suburbia due to pandemic induced changes in how and where work is conducted. Given this trend, many city planners have come up with the idea of the 24/7 suburb, which begins to take on the character and vibrancy of a large city. With more people working from home, suburbs can emerge from bedroom communities where they are empty on the weekdays to 24/7 communities that are continually active.

The 24/7 suburb has the potential to reimagine the definition of suburbia, making it more vibrant diverse, creative, and even bohemian. Like a major city, suburbs could begin to see more independent and unique businesses like restaurants and artisan shops. The arts would also blossom with independent live performance theaters and a variety of art installations. About half of suburban residents surveyed embraced the idea of the 24/7 suburb with the share swelling to nearly 70% among residences ranging between 25 and 40 years of age. 

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