Look for the color purple to find EV buyers

Interestingly, but perhaps of no surprise, is that there is a correlation between EVs and political party affiliation with our research indicating that registered Democrats purchase more EVs than those that claim their political affiliation as a Republican. For example, roughly 40% of EV buyers (heavily influenced by Tesla) that were surveyed in the fourth quarter of 2018 claimed they leaned left politically, 43% in the middle and 17% to the right. Overall, roughly 70% of all EV sales occur in blue congressional regions. 

In addition to political beliefs, blue regions generally have a higher concentration of affluence and urban areas, which also contribute to a higher demand for EVs. Wealthier consumers have the ability to pay the higher prices associated with EVs and the urban areas have better charging infrastructure to support them and drivers that incur fewer miles.

EV sales distribution in the United States:
Blue congressional regions              68.2%
Red congressional districts              31.8%
(Plug-in/Plug-in hybrid vehicles only/Excludes other alternative powered vehicles)

Iceology BEV Buyer Pulse, December 2018


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